Swimming Lessons

Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Lessons

The American Red Cross offers five comprehensive levels that teach you, your child, or other family members how to swim skillfully and safely.  Each level of learn-to-swim also includes training in basic water safety and helping a swimmer in distress.  All lessons are taught at Beach Park located at 112 Park Street by certified lifeguards.

The prerequisite for each level is the successful demonstration of skills and meeting minimum age requirements.  If unsure of your child’s swim level, register them for the class that fits the age minimum. Skill assessments will be completed on the first day of class and any adjustment will be made at that time.  The first rain out will be used as a safety day and class will be held for all levels but Minnow.  If another rain out occurs, the class will be made up on Friday.  Red Cross certificate is issued at the successful completion of each skill level.

The beach is closed during morning swim lesson.  All persons, may observe classes from behind the fence line or from inside the beach house.  At the completion of both morning and evening lessons parents and students must leave the beach area immediately unless they possess a beach pass or pay the daily rate.

Session 1: June 7-June23 T, W, Th

Session 2: June 28-July 14 T, W, Th

Session 3: July 19-August 4 T, W, Th

30 minute class:

Program Fee: $56 (9 classes)

Resident Discount Fee: $50 (9 Classes)

45 minute class:

Program Fee: $63 (9 classes)

Resident Discount Fee: $45 (9 classes)

Private lessons (each 30 minute session)

Program fee: $20

Resident Discount Fee: $16

Semi Private Lessons (30 minutes, 2 students)

Program Fee: $31

Resident Discount Fee: $25

Note: Please indicate if registering for AM or PM classes on registration form.

Morning Swim Times

9:00-9:45 am Goldfish-Level 2

9:00-9:45 am Sharks- Level 3

9:00-9:45 am Dolphin-Level 5

9:00-9:45 am Whales-Level 4

9:50-10:35 am Seals-Level 1

10:00-10:30 am Waterbugs

10:00-10:30 am Minnows

Evening Swim Times

5:00-5:45 pm Dolphin-Level 5

5:00-5:45 pm Whales-Level 4

5:15-5:45 pm Waterbugs

5:50-6:35 pm Goldfish-Level 2

5:50-6:35 pm Sharks-Level 3

6:00-6:45 pm Seals-Level 1

6:00-6:45 pm Minnows

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

2 years-adult (30 minutes)

Private lessons are offered at the availability of the facility and swim instructors.  Once you have registered for private lessons a swim instructor will contact you to arrange your lesson time.

Note: Participants must meet age minimums and level requirements.  Skill assessments will be done at the 1st class.  Any adjustments will be made at this time.


Minnow: Infant and Preschool Aquatic Program

18 months -3 years with parent (30 minutes)

This class is for the child that loves the water but is not ready to go it alone.  This parent/child program will promote aquatic adjustments, swimming readiness skills, while having fun with mom, dad or grandparent.  Emphasis is on becoming better familiar in the water while building a trusting relationship with the parent.  We will use songs, games, and activities that will promote the swimmers to work on opening eyes and retrieving objects below the surface, Front/back floats and glides with assistance from the parent, and leg and arm action on front and back.  Parent/guardian must get into the water with the child.


3-5 years (30 minutes)

This class will help toddlers adjust to the water and build confidence through games, songs and fun.  This class is designed for your toddler to continue with swim lessons without the assistance of mom or dad.  This is a drop-off program so your child must be ready to try swimming with our teachers.  Skills that the instructors will work on are listening, following directions and staying with the group while learning how to safely enter the water, bob, retrieve objects from below the surface, floating on front and back with assistance, and leg action on front and back.  Children in this level will learn how to put their face in the water and open their eyes under water.

Seals-Level 1-Introduction to Water Skills

5-10 years (45 minutes)

Continuations of our waterbugs program where we will work on making students feel comfortable in the water.  Seals participants will work on submerging mouth, nose and eyes while picking up submerged objects.  They will work on recovering from a front and back glide, swimming on front/back using arm and leg actions.  Floating and gliding skills are taught with support from the instructor.  Safety topics include recognizing the lifeguards, how to call for help and too much sun.

Goldfish-Level 2-Fundamental Aquatic Skills

6-11 years (45 minutes)

This level will give students success with fundamental skills. Participants will fully submerge and hold breath for 5 or more seconds, while working on rolling from front/back and back/front.  Tuck, Jelly, and front/back floats are mastered in this level.  Supported floating with kicks and rhythmic breathing are introduced.  Swimmer will work on performing front and back glides for 5 body lengths.  Safety topics include, staying safe around water, life jacket use, and recognizing an emergency.

Sharks-Level 3-Stroke Development

6-11 years (45 minutes)

This level will build on the skills learned in level 2. Participants will learn to bob while moving to safety in chest deep water.  Swimmers will need to perform the survival float for a minimum of 30seconds, learn a scissors kick, and elementary back stroke for 15 yards.  They will work on learning rotary breathing in horizontal position and being able to change from horizontal to vertical position on front and back.  Improving skill competence, deep-water work, including elementary backstroke, and treading water is of primary concern.  Safety topics include cold water or ice safety, reaching, and throwing assists.

Whales-Level 4-Stroke Improvement

7-11 years (45 minutes)

Participants will develop confidence in the skills previously learned and improve other aquatic skills. Some skills participant will be required to complete include front and back crawl and sidestroke with scissor kick.  Breaststroke/butterfly and backstroke will be added to this level of swimming. Safety topics include reaching and throwing assists, recreational water illnesses, and thinking before you leap.

Dolphins-Level 5-Stroke Refinement

8-11 years (45 minutes)

The level 5 swimmer will work on further coordination and refinement of previously taught strokes. Participants will become proficient with treading water using two different kicks, breaststroke, back stroke, back crawl and sidestroke.  Butterfly stroke is reviewed along with a technical review of front/back crawl, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke.  Each stroke must be mastered for a minimum of 25 yards.  Safety topic taught include the importance of CPR and First Aid skills, and what to do with waves and tides.