Family & Adult Variety

Join the Wauconda Park District for trips and programs for families, adults, and active adults. From American Red Cross certifications to a boat cruise around Lake Geneva, we offer a variety of options for each season.

Guitar (6 yrs – Adult)

This class is for anyone, from beginning to advanced, ages 6 and up. Private acoustic guitar lessons for all levels are offered through the Wauconda Park District. Each session includes seven 30 minute private lessons. Have fun learning to play the world’s most popular instrument. Students will learn the fundamentals of guitar playing, including holding the guitar and pick, proper fret-hand finger placement, playing by ear and playing basic songs. You must provide your own guitar. Students will be asked to purchase a music book from a local or online music store. Students may register at any time, as long as space is available. Note: No class 3/28.

Location: Community Center

R/NR Fee: $140/$160 (7 weeks)

Limit: 4/12

Time: 4-7pm

Day: Wed

Code:      Date:

1700       1/20-2/21

1701       3/7-4/25

1702       5/9-6/20

1703       7/11-8/22

1704       9/5-10/17

1705       11/7-12/19

Ukulele (6 yrs-Adult)

Ukulele is fun! It’s easy! Learn all you need to know to play some old favorites and current pop tunes. Private lessons for all levels are offered through the Wauconda Park District. Each session includes seven 30 minute private lessons. Student must supply their own ukulele. Students may register at any time, as long as space is available. Note: No class 3/28.

Location: Community Center

R/NR Fee: $140/$160 (7 weeks)

Limit: 4/12

Day: Wed

Time: 4-7pm

Code:       Dates:

1706        1/10-2/21

1707        3/7-4/25

1708        5/9-6/20

1709        7/11-8/22

1710        9/5-10/17

1711        11/7-12/19

Piano Lessons (6 yrs – Adult)

Our professional and experienced educators of music education programs are eager to bring the joy of music into your child’s life. All lessons are offered in an atmosphere conducive to the success of your young pianist. All levels are encouraged to come learn chords, build sight reading skills and have fun playing a variety of genres. Class is a private 30 minute lesson. Students may register at any time as long as space is available. Note: No class 3/26, 3/30, 4/2, 4/6.

Location:    Community Center

R/NR Fee:  $96/$106 (6 weeks)

Limit:         5/10 Time:         5:45-8:15pm

Code:     Day:     Date:

1712      Mon      1/22-2/26

1713      Fri        1/26-3/2

1714      Mon      3/12-4/30

1715      Fri        3/16-5/4

Pizza & a Movie (5-12 yrs)

Mom and Dad are you looking for a date night? Let us watch the littles because sit’s Friday night and that means one thing. . .pizza and a movie! Grab a friend and head over to the park district for your very own play date. We will have a delicious pizza while we watch the latest flick. When the movie is over, the fun doesn’t have to end, as we will play games. Register by the Monday the week of the program to prevent the play date from being cancelled. Location:        Community Center R/NR Fee:      $26/$33 Limit:            6/20 Time:            6-9pm

Code:      Day:       Date:

1717       Fri          2/16

1718       Fri          3/9

1719       Fri          4/20



Adult Variety

Cookie Decorating Workshop (16 yrs & up)

Join us and we will help you create beautiful and unique cookies to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In this decorating class, we will provide 12 of our delicious blank sugar cookies, along with specific decorating techniques used with our perfectly prepared royal icing. We promise to make it simple and easy for any skill level and best of all, we’ll take care of all the materials needed and clean up the mess! Participants only need to bring a cookie sheet to transport their cookies home. Location:        Community Center R/NR Fee:       $30/$38 Limit:              10/15 Code:     Day:     Date:     Time: 1803      Thu       2/8        7-9pm

Defensive Driving (16 yrs & up)

This 4-hour National Safety Council course offers adults the chance to brush up on driving skills and decrease the chance of accidents occurring. This class covers defensive driving habits, common driving errors, making split second decisions, and handling overall traffic situations. Check with your insurance company to determine if this class will entitle you to a discount on your annual auto insurance. Location:         Community Center R/NR Fee:        $4/$5 Limit:               5/35 Code:     Day:     Date:     Time: 1802      Sat       3/3         9am-1pm

Community CPR, AED & First Aid

These are all American Red Cross certified classes. Certification is received after passing both a written and skills test given at the end of each course. Note: if you take CPR/AED and First Aid, the discounted fee is $80/$88.


Community CPR/AED (14 yrs & up)

This class will train you to administer CPR to victims of all ages. Skills include performing rescue breathing, clearing an obstructed airway and performing one rescuer CPR. You will also be trained on the use of an Automated External Defibrillator. This is a device present in many work environments that analyzes heart rhythms and determines if a shock is needed to re-establish an effective rhythm. Books and materials are included and you must register two weeks prior to the start of the class.

Location:          Community Center

R/NR Fee:         $60/$75

Limit:                5/10

Code:     Day:     Date:     Time:

1800      Sat       1/20       10am-3pm


Community First Aid (14 yrs & up)

All Aspects of first aid will be covered from minor scrapes to broken bones. This class is a must for anyone working with children. Books and supplies are included.

Location:          Community Center

R/NR Fee:         $60/$75

Limit:                5/10

Code:     Day:     Date:     Time:

1801      Sun       1/21      10am-1pm



Valentine Social, Wauconda, IL (Minimal walking) Active Adults

Grab your favorite sweetheart or friend and head over to the township as you prepare yourself for an afternoon of light refreshments. Chocolate fountains will be flowing and available to dip your favorite snack items and fruit. After you fill you bellies with the sweet stuff, we will entertain you with the music of love. This program is brought to you by the Wauconda Park District and Wauconda Township. Pre-registration is required and being accepted at the Park District or Township by February 4th.

Location:          Township Hall

Program Fee:    $3

Limit:               15/50

Code:     Day:     Date:     Time:

1804      Wed      2/7        1:30-3pm


Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL(Extensive Walking)

As one of the country’s largest art museums, the Art Institute of Chicago is a must-see for local, national and international groups of all ages. From our world-renowned French Impressionist collection to American art favorites like Grant Woods American Gothic and from ancient treasures from across the globe to modern masterpieces by Dali, Matisse and Picasso, the museum has something for everyone – art experts and new museum-goers alike. So come immerse yourself in a day of art at the Chicago Art Institute. After our fill of art appreciation, we will travel to have lunch at Lawry’s prime rib. Lunch will consist of a 6 oz cut of prime rib, salad, sourdough bread, potatoes and vegetable, dessert and coffee or tea. Trip includes museum entrance, lunch and transportation. Transportation will be provided via motor coach. Please register by January 15th.

Location:          Softball Field Parking Lot

R/NR Fee:         $100/$120

Limit:                6/14

Code:     Day:     Date:     Time:

1805       Tue      2/13       9:15am-8pm


Late Nite Catechism, Arlington Hgts., IL

Call it Carol Burnett meets Whoopi Goldberg. This interactive comedy  is part catechism class, part stand-up routine. Ruling her classroom with an iron fist, Sister teaches her students (who happen to be the audience) everything she knows about saints, sins, heaven and hell. . .while doling out rewards and reprimands with lightning speed. Before the show, enjoy dinner on your own at one of the many restaurants in downtown Arlington Heights. Please register by March 1.

Location:       Softball Field Parking Lot

R/NR Fee:      $38/$47

Limit:            6/14

Code:     Day:     Date:     Time:

1806      Thu       4/5        5-10pm

 Afternoon with the Stars-Movie

Come hang out under the stars with us as we watch a classic 1957 movie where a couple falls in love and agrees to meet in six months at the Empire State Building – but will it happen?  We will serve light refreshments, and popcorn as we watch “An Affair to Remember” with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.  Pre Registration Required at the Wauconda Park District or Wauconda Township.  Program sponsored by Travanese

Location:  Wauconda Township, 505 Bonner Road

R/NR:  $3

Limit:  6/14

Code:    Day:    Date:    Time:

1809      Wed    4/11      1-4 pm


 Galos Cave & Jolly Inn, Chicago