Camp & Club


Before & After School Care

Fillable Club Handbook 2015

The Wauconda Park District’s 2015/2016 Club program provides a safe childcare environment that meets the physical and emotional needs of children as well as the needs of the parents.  The Club program is available during the school year Monday through Fridays, with before and after school care.  The program is a relaxed recreational setting and is not academic based. Children participate in a variety of activities supervised by qualified staff.  Daily activities include crafts, games, sports, free time, small group activities as well as a quiet space for homework.  A morning and afternoon snack and drink are provided daily.  Club is held at Robert Crown and Wauconda Grade School.  The program is for children K-6th grade.  Children must be registered for the school they attend.  Matthews Middle School will be transported to Robert Crown and Wauconda Middle School will be transported to the Wauconda Grade School.

Registration Information

To reserve your spot in the program, parents need to stop by the Community Center to fill out a club registration form.  A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at time of registration and will be credited towards your last month’s bill when your child attends through June 2016.

Payment Information

Payments are divided by 9 equal payments and remain the same each month and fees are discounted when more than one child in your family enrolls. Payments are due on or before the first day of the month with first payment being due on September 1st.  If payment has not been received by the 5th of each month, a $15 late fee will be accessed to your child account. Payments can be paid in person, mailed, automatically debited from a credit card or made on-line once you have created an account at Once school has started we will allow 2 changes to your account and any additional changes will be subject to a $5 processing fee. The Club staff is not permitted to accept any type of payment or registration information.

Fee Structure and Hours

1 Day • $32 first child; $30 additional child
2 Days • $59 first child; $54 additional child
3 Days • $85 first child; $77 additional child
4 Days •  $112 first child; $102 additional child
5 Days • $120 first child; $110 additional child

M-Th: 6:30-9:05 am

Fri: 6:30-9:35 am

1 Day • $31 first child; $29 additional child
2 Days • $57 first child; $51 additional child
3 Days • $82 first child; $74 additional child
4 Days •  $108 first child; $97 additional child
5 Days • $114 first child; $105 additional child

M-Fri: 3:40-6:00 pm

*Fee Subject to Change


After School Classes

Attention Parents:

Classes held at the school are immediately following school.  A light snack will be provided so please inform us of any food allergies. Please inform your child’s classroom teacher in writing of your child’s attendance in after school classes.


The 2015-2016 school year has started! Check out all our after-school classes here.


Camp Wauconda

It is never too early to start thinking about Summer Fun! We have already planned a fun-filled summer for your children! Camp Wauconda offers a full-time and part-time format with activities like arts & crafts, swimming, games, parties, age appropriate field trips once a week, theme days, entertainers, and more! Let our fun and caring staff provide a memorable summer for your child. The Wauconda Park District offers the most activities, field trips, and fun for one of the lowest hourly prices in the area. Camp Wauconda is for children entering grades 1-8 in Fall 2015.

Camp Format

Camp Wauconda is an active day camp that is planned by our Coordinator, Counselors, Recreation Staff, and campers themselves. Our staff to camper ratio is 1:10 for 1st-4th grade and 1:12 for 5th-8th grade. Kids are grouped by grade so they are interacting with kids their own age most of the time. Each session is two weeks long and a schedule of activities is posted outside the gym. Each session, a new theme is incorporated into the activities, projects, and games that have been planned. There are also two trips scheduled per session and one special event, which are tied into the theme.

Registration Information

A $20 non-refundable registration fee is required at the time of registration along with an additional $20 non-refundable deposit for each session your child will attend. Dates may change due to Wauconda School District #118 schedule.

Early Bird/Stay & Play

If your child is enrolled in Camp Wauconda, then they can have even more fun by participating in this program. It’s perfect for working parents or die-hard campers!

About Our Staff

Our Camp Director is Ms. Annette, who has been our Camp Coordinator for 13 years and previously was our preschool director for 18 years. Ms. Annette brings a vast knowledge of working with kids and having fun. She is also an expert at listening to parents and helping kids. Our staff is made up of young women & men 18 years of age or older. They have been chosen to work camp because of their experience, creativity, caring and interest in a career of this type. Camp staff has been through a two-week long training session that includes a variety of topics such as safety, leadership, activity planning, interaction with kids, CPR/First Aid, Child Development, and group dynamics and having fun! Most of our staff returns each year. We have a great summer planned for your kids!
For more information, please call the Wauconda Park District at (847)-526-3610 or email

Fees: Fees listed are per camper, per session; Sessions are two weeks long.

Full-time 1st Child:
Regular Day Camp $190/210
Early Bird: $35/35
Stay & Play: $55/55

Full-time Additional Child:
Regular Day Camp $170/190
Early Bird: $28/28
Stay & Play: $48/48

Regular Day Camp $130/140
Early Bird: $28/28
Stay & Play: $37/37

*Fees subject to change

Session Dates and Dates to Remember

Resident Registration: March 9

Non-Resident Registration: March 16

Camp Begins: June 1

Session I: June 1-June 12
Session II: June 15-June 26
Session III: June 29-July 10
Session IV: July 13-July 24
Session V: July 27-August 7

*Session dates subject to change without notice. Changes in School District #118 schedule may effect programs.

Camp Information

Location: Community Center
Days: Monday-Friday
Camp Hours: 8:00 am-3:00 pm
Early Bird Hours: 6:30 am-8:00 am
Stay and Play Hours: 3:00 pm-6:00 pm


Camp Theme

Understand the Language of Nature

We wait all winter to have the warmth of the summer and to be outside. Please join us as we discover all that the great outdoors has to offer We will interact with nature while developing skills to learn and understand our surroundings.

Birds of a Feather: Session 1; Week 1

Humans are not the only beings to inhabit this earth. We will celebrate the four legged, the tailed and furry beings.  Animal lovers will get a closer look at the animals that inhabit our world through games, hands-on activities, and crafts.

Nature Down Under: Session 1; Week 2

We will travel with Captain Nemo by going 20,000 leagues under the Sea to discover what life looks like on the bottom of the ocean.  Explore aquatic habitats, creatures that live in the deep dark caves under water and the color of the marine life.  The creativity will be bountiful as the campers create their own interpretations of what they imagine they would see down under.

Tall Tales, Fairy Tales, Myths and Fables: Session 2; Week 1

Everyone loves a great story and there’s no better place to spin a yarn than in the shade of a tree. Campers will hear some great stories; create some of their own stories as they immerse themselves in camp, nature and friendship.  Every camper deserves a chance to live his or her own “Once upon a time…” We will delve into the world of exaggeration, humor, super human abilities and adventures.

Bugs, Butterflies and Pollinators: Session 2; Week 2

It is not unusual to have a stray bug try to join us in camp each summer and children are naturally intrigued by these crawling, fluttering and wiggling little creatures.  Bugs in general are just plain fascinating for kids.  The campers may even get creative and create a new form of an insect or spider, moth or bee.

Stealth and Survival: Session 3; Week 1

It takes an inventive mind to survive, walk like a fox, hear like a deer, and see like an eagle. Practice your stealth mode by becoming invisible and understanding nature by sharpening your awareness skills.  We will become nature detectives and dig into the mysteries of nature while learning how someone could survive using nature’s magic. Campers will create their own totem pole to show what they learned from their experiences.

Jurassic Island: Session 3; Week 2

Dinosaurs inhabited our world many years ago and became extinct.  They have come back to life as our campers “dig” into the distant past to explore fossils showing signs of life and learn how they interacted with their environment. Young paleontologists will get to go on a dinosaur hunt and dig up dinosaur bones.

Outdoor Creativity: Session 4; Week 1

Nature has inspired talented artists since people lived in caves. Eric Carle created works of art depicting bugs and caterpillars with a collage technique, Monet displayed the beauty of the water lilies using paint. The campers will draw, design, paint and create their way to beautiful works of art from the great outdoors.

Mad Scientists: Session 4; Week 2

Using Nature as our subject, the campers will mix things together to see what happens, hypothesize, experiment and analyze through hands-on-activities. It might be the ball that defied gravity, magnetic slime, glowing dough or a water rocket…relentlessly fun, deceptively educational.  Scientist will investigate the strange, learning not only how things happen, but also more importantly why.

Space Explorers: Session 5; Week 1

Is there life on other planets, and do they have their own form of nature.  We can only speculate and use our imagination unless we create a robot that can explore by collecting samples and making observations.  Or maybe we might travel by rocket ship or get pulled up into a time space wormhole transporting everyone to a galaxy far, far away.  We will discover how aliens interact with their environment and send us home with moon rocks or space debris.

Nature’s Pantry: Session 5; Week 2

During this week, we will go back to the land as we learn to use our natural resources to create the products and foodstuffs that we use in daily living.  Nature can be a busy and curious kitchen, full of everything that our environment can provide for us to survive.  The campers will focus on the farm-to-table experience and learn about the growing and harvesting steps of nature’s pantry.