Personal Training

Benefits of using a Personal Trainer

Reach your Goals: Your trainer will work with you to determine achievable goals that fit your lifestyle and produce the results you want.
Stay Motivated: Challenging yourself and committing to a program can be difficult. Our trainers will work with you to keep you going.
Time: Our trainers will help to slim- line your workouts achieve the most efficient workout to fit your busy schedule.
Individualized Attention: Our trainers provide one on one support toward achieving your goal.
Learn New Techniques: Learn what to do and how to do it correctly and safely. Our trainers can also show you new techniques to keep you motivated.

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Gayle Mead • ACE certified. NFICEP certified as a coach. Gayle is knowledgeable in a variety of exercises and can help add challenge to your exercise routine. She has been a personal trainer with our District for over 10 years.

Partner Personal Training or Partner Pilates Training

Team up with your spouse, friend, or child (14+) for a sixty-minute session and enjoy a team approach to personal training or Pilates training. Personal Training will utilize goal setting and provide you with a personal workout of strength training and cardiovascular conditioning utilizing equipment of our fitness center such as treadmills, free weights, and Nautilus machines. Pilates training will work on developing strength and cardiovasular conditioning utilizing traditional mat Pilates flexibility and core strengthening techniques. It’s a great way to share costs and motivate each other. Sessions are not interchangeable between personal training and Pilates training.

One Session – $71 • Three Sessions – $176 • Five Sessions -$281

One-on-One Personal Training or Pilates Training

Our Training Programs utilize goal setting, supervised instruction, specific training, and motivation techniques to optimize your results. With such personal attention, you’ll accomplish goals that may have been previously beyond your reach. Maximize your workouts, train one-on-one. Advice provided by CERTIFIED trainers. Personal training utilizes traditional freeweight, Nautilis and cardiovascular equipment of our fitness center whereas Pilates training utilizes mat Pilates techniques for building flexibility and core strength. Sessions are not interchangeable between personal training and Pilates training.

One Session: $39, Three Sessions: $101, Five Sessions: $161