The Wauconda Park District understands the importance of health and wellness so we offer many different options to keep our residents in the best shape possible. Follow the links below to find more information on our fitness center, group fitness classes, or open gym times. If you have a class suggestion, please contact us.

Fitness First

At Fitness First we would like to assist you in accomplishing your fitness goals so come and join our fitness center or enroll in one of our many fitness classes.



Group Fitness

The Wauconda Park District offers a wide-variety of group fitness classes such as yoga, pilates, cardio, and weight training. Click here for class descriptions, dates, and times.

One-On-One Personal Training or Pilates Training (14 yrs & Up)

Our Personal Training Program utilizes goal setting, supervised instruction, specific training, and motivation techniques to optimize your results. With such personal attention, you’ll accomplish goals that may have been previously beyond your reach. Maximize your workouts, train one-on-one. Must have a fitness membership to participate in personal training.

One Session:  $39

Three Sessions: $101

Five Sessions: $161


Partner Personal Training or Partner Pilates Training (14 yrs & Up)

Team up with your spouse, friend, co-worker or child for a sixty-minute session, and enjoy a team approach to personal training. It’s a great way to share costs, and motivate each other. Must have a fitness membership to participate in any personal training session.

One Session:  $71

Three Sessions: $176

Five Sessions: $281


Practical Living Yoga (14 yrs & Up)

Combining the 5,000 year old tradition of Hatha Yoga with contemporary exercise physiology provides an excellent base to build a yoga practice. Barbara Speitz blends Eastern philosophy with Western “know how” for a practical approach to wellness.  Enhance mind/body awareness by increasing strength, flexibiity, balance, proper breathing, and stress reduction.  Enjoy the healing, noncompetitive and relaxing class environment.  Wear comfortable attire and bring a mat. Barb is an internationally recognized master teacher who has conducted training workshops throughout India and the U.S. She was featured in Chicago Yoga Magazine and is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level. Note: No class 11/23.

Location: Community Center

R/NR Fee: $71/$89

Limit: 5/20

Day: Thu

Code/Dates: 1121 – 1/4-2/8

1122 – 2/22-3/29

1123 – 4/12-5/17

Time: 7:20-8:35pm


Pilates Plus Foam Rolling (14 yrs & Up)

With AFAA certified instructor, Maggie
This form of exercise strengthens and lengthens muscles while you maintain and stabilize your core. A variety of equipment provided will be utilized to enhance the power of the moves. Participants will need to provide their own 35″ long foam roller. Foam rolling will be taught in order to enhance flexibility while stretching. All levels welcome! No class 3/24.

Location: Community Center

R/NR Fee: $40/$50 (6 weeks)

Limit: 5/14

Day: Sat

Code/Dates: 1118 – 1/6-2/10

1119 – 2/7-3/31

1120 – 4/7-5/12

Time: 9:20-10:20am


Half Sculpt and Half Cardio (14 yrs & Up)

With AFAA certified instructor, Maggie Join us for a class that has it all! Half the class will focus on using a variety of equipment to tone and sculpt. The other half of class will include a variety of different cardio workouts such as floor, step, and kick boxing to enhance your endurance. No class 3/26.

Location: Community Center

R/NR Fee: $40/$50 (6 weeks)

Limit: 5/14

Code/Day/Dates: 1124 – Mon – 1/8-2/12  6:15-7:15pm

1125 – Wed – 1/3-2/7  7:20-8:20pm

1126 – Mon – 2/19-4/2  6:15-7:15pm

1127 – Wed – 2/14-3/21  7:20-8:20pm

1128 – Mon – 4/9-5/14  6:15-7:15pm

1129 – Wed – 4/4-5/9  7:20-8:20pm



Totally Toned (14 yrs & Up)

With AFAA certified instructor, Maggie
Total (adj.): involving a complete and unified effort especially to achieve a desired effect.
Tone (noun): the state of a living body in which the functions are healthy and performed with vigor.
Totally Toned (adj.): you, after taking this class. Class will use a variety of equipment such as weights, resistance bands, and medicine balls to strengthen the body from head to toe.

Location: Community Center

R/NR Fee: $40/$50 (6 weeks)

Limit: 5/14

Code/Dates: 1130 – 1/8-2/12

1131 – 2/9-4/2

1132 – 4/9-5/14

Day: Mon

Time: 7:25-8:25pm


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Open Gym

The Wauconda Park District has open gym hours based on the availability of the gym. Click here for more information.